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5 Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Air Conditioning

Want to get the most out of the A/C unit cooling your home? Every homeowner wants their air conditioner to provide them with cool comforts in the home when the temperatures outside soar high. And while the typical A/C unit does just that, wear and tear over time can result in decreased efficiency, higher energy bills, and the need for a replacement unit far sooner. Breakdowns and expensive repairs also come along with the wear and tear the air conditioner unit sustains.

To maximize the AC efficiency, reduce energy costs and usage, and ensure everyone in the home is cool all summer long, take care of the unit. So often we ignore the air conditioner until there is a problem. With proper TLC and a few tips in mind, getting the most out of your air conditioner is simple. The following information that we collected from various air conditioning companies benefits homeowners looking to get the most out of their A/C units.

1- Properly Seal Windows and Doors

Homeowners lose countless dollars every summer by cooling the outside rather than the inside and it’s all with thanks to improperly sealed windows and doors. Even windows and doors that were properly sealed last year may not be this year. A quick inspection of doorways and windows alerts you to problems so you can make corrections.

Homeowners save tremendous money each month on their energy bills after windows and doors have been properly insulated but that’s only one way this benefits the air conditioning system. Properly sealed windows and doorways reduce the workload on the air conditioning system so it doesn’t work as hard to cool the home. This reduces the risk of breakdown and the amount of wear and tear the unit sustains.

2- Use Appliances Wisely

The number of people inside a room causes the temperature to fluctuate, but appliances impact the temperature as well. Although using appliances like the stove and dryer at specific times is not always possible, it’s worth attempting to adhere to the early morning or after sundown schedule when using them. These appliances considerably heat the home and it takes just minutes for this to happen.

When the home gets hotter, the air conditioner goes into overdrive to keep the home at the same cool and comfortable temperatures as usual. Many homeowners know that once the home is hot, cooling it down is sometimes challenging. Use appliances at the right time to prevent the A/C from enduring far more work than necessary.

3- A/C Helpers

A couple of items inside the homework together with the air conditioner unit to cool the home and reduce wear and tear. First up is the ceiling fan. Turn the ceiling fan on and turn down the A/C! By using the ceiling fan, you can turn down the AC by about 4-degrees without losing any of the cool comforts in the home. This keeps energy costs low and reduces air conditioner wear and tear.

Proper landscaping also gives the air conditioner a helping hand that may very well prolong its lifetime. Greenery shades the home, in turn cooling the place down considerably. Greenery like trees and shrubbery also reduces humidity levels as it beautifies your landscaping and adds curb appeal to the neighborhood.

4- Maintain the Air Conditioner

Every A/C unit needs proper care and maintenance during its lifetime. A neglected A/C unit will give out well before its time and likely cause a lot of uncomfortable days. Change or clean the filters in the A/C each month. Dirty filters block airflow, decreasing efficiency and the cool, crisp air that flows through the home. Regular A/C filter replacement can save as much as 15% energy consumption, saving money over the course of the year.

Schedule annual A/C maintenance checks as well. A/C maintenance checks provided by trained professionals reduce breakdown and the need for an expensive repair, ultimately extending the unit’s lifetime and efficiency. The cost of A/C maintenance, or tune-up as they’re often called, is considerably less than the cost of any repair service and gives you peace of mind and confidence in the A/C unit.

5- Check the Vents

Maximize airflow in the home by checking that all air vents are open. Closing a vent may seem appropriate when the room becomes too cool but the truth is, closing even one vent in one room in the house can signal a lot of unnecessary work and trouble for the A/C unit. When all vents in the house are open, it makes the job of the A/C unit much simpler since it does not prevent airflow to any room in the house.

Move anything covering vents as well. This includes furniture and rugs. Even partially covering the vent can cause added strain to the A/C unit. Uncovering vents keep the home at the most comfortable temperatures without causing the to work harder to achieve that goal.

Implement the above tips into your household if ensuring you get the most from the AC unit in your home is important. With little effort necessary, you can prolong the life expectancy of the unit and save money as you enjoy more comfort when it is hot outside!